Installation for Microsoft Windows


The EcmSpy application consists of two parts: an executable program, running on your PC, and a database, containing the layout of the EEPROM of a specific ECM type. When downloading the program, a test database is attached, which provides a basic functionality (for more information, see the downloads page). For full functionality you need to get the database, which fits the ECM you are going to adjust. This database will be made available for download after submitting an activation request.


Before installing the EcmSpy Software, the Mono runtime environment needs to be installed. The Mono setup executable can be downloaded from the Mono download area and installed afterwards. Please follow the software manufacturers installation instructions. It is required to install the Mono version 2.10 runtime environment, because otherwise the EcmSpy application will refuse to start!

To connect your PC to the ECM, a USB-to-serial convertor cable or a Bluetooth wireless adaptor is required. It is recommended to install all drivers for the respective device now, following to the manufacturers instructions.

To install EcmSpy on a Microsoft Windows system, open the downloads page at the site, then download the application. Start the installation procedure by double-clicking the installer application. The installation process is quite similar to any other Windows application. If no suitable Mono runtime environment was detected on your computer, you will get a message box and the installation will stop then.

Next the license agreement will be displayed. Please read the license agreement carefully before proceeding. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation. Click the "Next" button to continue.

The following panels will ask for the destination path for the EcmSpy software (default path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\EcmSpy_Mono") and the name of the Start Menu folder ("EcmSpy"). Change the default entries if you want and confirm by clicking the "Next" button.

Now the setup program copies all the required files to the destination folder. After the copying is done the PATH variable will be adjusted, if it didn't contain the Mono path already. A message box will inform you about that. You will have to log off and on again after the installation is finished to activate this new setup. A restart after installation is not required.

You will find a new directory in your "Documents" (also named "My Files" in older Windows versions) library, named "ecmspy" and containing four subfolders:

Folder to write debugging logfiles to, written by the application. This folder is not adjustable.
Default folder to store EEPROM copies. If you chose to open an EEPROM copy from another folder, this one is remembered the next time you save or load an EEPROM file.
Default folder to store map files. If you chose to open map file from another folder, this one is remembered the next time you save or load a map file.
Folder to store runtime datalogs, as fetched from the ECM. This folder is not adjustable.

Please log off and on now if the path had been adjusted during installation. You will find a new shortcut on the desktop, double-click it to start the EcmSpy program. On slow computers the startup will take up to 15 seconds while the Mono runtime engine is started, which is then executing the EcmSpy assembly. You will notice a lot of harddisk activity during startup, please be patient and do not double-click the EcmSpy icon again.


To read and fetch EEPROM data from a file or the ECM, a database is required which holds all the information how the EEPROM of your bike's ECM is laid out. You will have to create a key file (click the "Info" button in the menu bar) and run the software activation to get a working database.

If you try to connect to your bike's ECM and this ECM type has not been activated, an error message like the one below will pop up and tell you the installed ECM type:

database not found

The ECM type shown in the message box should be marked when filling in the activation form.

If, for some reason, the key file on your PC is invalid, the error message shown below will be displayed:

Schlüssel ungültig
Activation of Databases

Activation is done only at the website and consists of three steps:

1. Save the public key to file
Push the "Info" button in the menu bar, and a window will open that shows the application version, and a short overview of the licence agreement:
After a mouse click on the "Save Public Key" button, the public key is written into a file, whose name is shown in the following message:
You will need this file in the next step.
2. Submit activation form and donate
Open the activation page and fill all data into the activation form. A key file, which binds the database to your computer, is mandatory. Furthermore, all ECM types, you want databases for, need to be marked:
Activation Form

Click image for an unscaled view

After submitting the form all input will be checked and an overview will be shown, that will list all of your input for checking purposes. You will also be provided with a link to an activation document, which you must download, as it contains important information to retrieve your database.
3. Download database installer
As soon as the activation request has been processed (this is usually done within an hour), your databases will be encrypted and an installer program will be uploaded to the website, where it will be available for download in the downloads area. Enter your activation ID, as shown in the activation document, to download your database.

Download and execute the database installer as you did with the application installer to set up the database for your ECM type. You will need a password to start installation. The password is also shown in the files list in your personal download area. After the database has been installed correctly, the EcmSpy application has all information available to connect to the ECM and retrieve a copy of the EEPROM data.

Hardware Drivers

The EcmSpy application initially does not require to install any kind of drivers. However, if you plan to connect your computer to the ECM, you might have to get a connection lead or a Bluetooth wireless dongle and probably install some drivers to make this hardware work and set up a virtual COM port for the application to talk to. Please follow the installations guide provided with the driver software in that case.

The EcmSpy application embeds software from FTDI, to directly connet to a FTDI USB-to-Serial convertor cable, without the necessity to supply a virtual COM Port. If no drivers for a FTDI USB-to-Serial convertor cable are installed, a (would-be) error message will pop up when starting the EcmSpy application:

FTDI Error

This messsage can safely be ignored or fully suppressed by installing the drivers for a FTDI USB-to-Serial convertor cable. In case the required driver are installed, this message however indicates an error and you should check your computer setup. Please follow the instructions available from the FTDI website then.