The "System" page is divided into two panes. The left one shows configurable system settings, and the other one some system informations (readonly).

"System Information"

The system information area shows some detailed data describing the ECM. Not all data are available for every ECM type.


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"System Settings"

The system settings are devided into several tabs, covering general, noise abatement, exhaust valve and shifter settings. Each tab offers a number of checkboxes, that can be marked (switched on) or unmarked (switched off) to enable or disable a specific feature or setup. Some tabs also contain entries for numerical input. The various settings are explained in the following lists:

System allgemein
General Settings:
Bank Angle Sensor
Activate the bank angle sensor (BAS).
Fuel pump duty cycle
Adjust fuel pump duty cycle according to the lookup table.
Enable idle ignition adjustment
Automatically adjust idle spark addvance in regard to engine temperature.
Enable interlock features
Activate the interlock features (DDFI-3 only).
Enable starter interlock
Activate the starter interlock feature (DDFI-3 only). "Interlock Features" has to be activated also.
Enable sidestand interlock
Activate the sidestand interlock feature (DDFI-3 only). "Interlock Features" has to be activated also.
Enabble CAN bus
Activate CAN bus communications (DDFI-3 only, not adjustable).
Use crank (not camshaft) sensor
Activate the crank (flywheel) sensor for retrieving a RPM signal (DDFI-3 only, not adjustable).
System Lärmschutz
Noise Abatement Settings
On acceleration condition only
Activate noise abatement during acceleration only.
On acceleration And WOT condition
Activate noise abatement during WOT and acceleration.
On WOT condition only
Activate noise abatement while in WOT only.
Ramp-out power limiter
Ramp out noise abatement, instead of switching it off.
Suppress acceleration enrichment
Do not allow fuel acceleration enrichment while noise abatement is in action.
Enable active intake feature
Activate the active intake feature (DDFI-3 only).
System Auspuffklappe
Exhaust Valve Settings
Enable exhaust valve
Activate the exhaust valve feature.
Actuate valve in WOT only
Exhaust valve is opened onley when a WOT condition occurs
Keep valve open when not in WOT
Keep the exhaust valve open, even if no more in WOT, until RPM threshold is reached.
Reverse control voltage polarity
The control voltage polarity for the exhaust valve controller will be reversed.
Reverse feedback voltage polarity
Evaluate reversed feedback voltage polarity from the exhaust valve controller.
Close valve on AMC error
Close valve when the ECM signals an error condition for the exhaust valve controller.
Close valve if power limiter active
Close valve when noise abatement is active.
Cycle valve on ignition on
Cycle the exhaust valve once, when ignition is switched on.

On the left half of this tab the RPM switching points are listed in ascending order. The actuator is triggered by passing a RPM switchpoint, but the action can be suspended if a load condition has been set and is not fulfilled. In that case the valve position won't change. If the control voltage polarity is reversed, the switching point results are reversed too, instead of opening the valve it will now be closed. This allows two different control pattern.

With the control voltage reversed, which is the default setup, the exhaust valve opens at the first switching point, closes at the second one and will be opened at the third RPM threshold.

Shifter Settings:
Enable shifter feature
Enable the shifter feature. Please consult the service manual for possible input pins. This feature also requires some further changes to the EEPROM data to work as desired.
Shifter transition required
The shifter switch is required to come back in his previous position to trigger a new event.
Cut fuel & spark
Cut fuel and spark when the shift is activated.

On the left half of this tab a list of the shifter interrupt durations (in milliseconds) for each gear are shown.