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Activated Databases

If you already got an activation ID (What is an activation ID?) in your activation document, then enter this number in the text box below and click the "Submit" button to download your database installer.

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EcmSpy Application

The EcmSpy application is the basis for the EcmSpy software. This download of EcmSpy comes with a demo database that can be used for testing the user interface and the connection to the ECM. The following restrictions apply to the demo database:

  • only a test database and fictional EEPROM data for usability tests are provided
  • the demo version is not capable to modify real EEPROM data

To aid in trouble shooting, the demo version allows you to:

  • read, display and clear error codes from a real ECM
  • perform a TPS reset (DDFI and DDFI-2 only)
  • run tests on actuators (fan, fuel pump, coils, injectors, ...)
  • fetch EEPROM data from a real ECM and save them to a data file
  • read EEPROM data from a data file and upload them into a real ECM
  • watch or record runtime data when connected to an ECM

By activating and installing a specific database for your bike, the demo version will be made fully functional.

Installation in short ...

You have to install the Mono runtime environment before installing the EcmSpy Software. The Mono runtime is available from the Mono download area. Please follow the installation instruction provided with the download.

Note: EcmSpy requires a Mono Version 2.10 runtime environment. Please do not install other Mono Version, as this will lead to error messages which will prevent the application from running.

When installing the EcmSpy software after the Mono Runtime Environment all required adjustment will take place by the setup program, otherwise you will have to adjust the Windows environment manually by adding the Mono destination folder to the PATH variable. Download the EcmSpy installer and double click the setup file. The installer will guide you through the setup procedure. The application's user guide can also be found in the menu at the left of this page.

Buell Tuning Guide (Version 2)

(Previous versions of our Tuning Guide are no more available for download. We removed them because of too many discrepancies to the current version.)

Tools from other websites

Those prefering an offline editor to adjust EEPROM copies will find an excellent tool in Mark Mansur's TunerPro software. Originally used for car tuning is it applicable for editing purposes of EEPROM files also. Tables and lists will be shown as numbers or graphical views, and up to four different EEPROM files can be loaded into this software for comparison. This tool is strictly recommended to everyone, who needs full access to the data.

TunerPro homepage Windows 

For watching and analyzing logfiles created by EcmSpy Phil Tobin's MegaLogViewer is the software of first choice. This application not only provides a view on the logs but also analyzes your fuel maps (if supplied with them)! And the current version supports especially Buells and EcmSpy. Follow the link to download this tremendous software:

MegaLogViewer Homepage Windows Linux