All RPM and engine temperature limits, as well as cooling fan switching points, are configured in the limits window. Like the system settings window this one is divided into several panes. The RPM and temperature limits panes are divided into several subpanes as theses configurations are quite substantial, especially the RPM limits.

When the engine hits a RPM or temperature limit, one of three different limits - depending on their "severity" - might apply:

Soft Limit
Lowest severity, by default every fourth spark will be skipped (configurable spark pattern)
Hard Limit
Medium severity, by default every second spark will be skipped (configurable spark pattern)
Spark Off
Highest severity, spark will be switched off completely (not configurable)

The limits are ordered, the sequence they are applied is: "Soft Limit - Hard Limit - Spark Off"

Limits can apply directly when they are hit, and are called undelayed limits then, or they get applied after a countdown had been running before, then they are called delayed limits. For DDFI-3 types of ECM another RPM limit can be applied, which is activated only for a cold engine, this is an undelayed limits as well.

Limits and timers have a trigger value where they are activated ("Start") and a reset value, where they are released ("Reset").

"RPM Limits"


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Delayed RPM limits are different for high and low speed conditions (they differ dependent on the gear, the bike is in), but apparently this feature is used for early 2003 and 2004 models only. DDFI-3 type ECMs also apply the cold engine RPM limit.

"Temperature Limits"

Temperature Limits

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Temperature limits consist of the limits themselfs (the temperatures, that will trigger a limit) and conditions, that control how and when limits may get tightened or relased. The limits also control when the CEL starts and stops signaling an overheating condition.

"Fan Setup"


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The third tab contains the trigger temperatures for the cooling fan, for key-on and key-off conditions. It also shows the temperature limits for speed dependent fan action.

Please note, that the use of speed-based or temperature-based limits is exclusive. As soon as the speed dependent limits are enabled, all other temperature-based limits, including the key-off functions, are disabled.

Ventilator Einstellungen
Temperature Based (Key-Off)
Maximum Duration
Maximum fan key-off run time in minutes.
Minimum Battery Voltage
Battery voltage threshold, below which the cooling fan will not be active at key-off.
On Temperature
Engine temperature threshold above which the cooling fan will be switched on.
Off Temperature
Engine temperature threshold below which the cooling fan will be switched off.
100% Run Time
Time in seconds the fan will run at full speed at key-off.
Run Duty Cycle
Speed in percent, the cooling fan will run, after the full speed run time has exceeded.