EcmSpy - The Idea behind

EcmSpy is the integrated software solution for BUELL motorcycles equipped with DDFI fuel injection and engine control modules.

EcmSpy allows to easily record operating data from the ECM at runtime during practical and every-day test rides. When analyzing these data with EcmSpy, common sensor errors will be discovered and shown. Dynamically generated maps allow to check if the fuel metering is working correctly and will help to adjust fuelling for better overall performance, not just for maximum power. Furthermore many other settings can be adjusted, e.g. cold start enrichment, exhaust valve switching points or fan operation. EcmSpy supports concurrent data logging of up to two wideband O2 sensors, if necessary.

A more detailed overview over all supported functions provided by the EcmSpy software and recommend, well-proven workflows for data logging and analysis can be found in the user's guide.

Frankfurt, January 2015

The previous two years were quite calm, as they required just some minor changes to the graphical user interface, to fix minor issues. Logfile analysis calculations were enhanced, so that the dynamic maps will lead to stable results faster than before.

The activation process was improved too. Activated databases should be available for download in a much shorter time, typically less than one hour.

The contributions towards Papworth Hospital are phenomenal, as always. Thanks to all those, who decided to activate their copy, more than 30,000 £ (approximately 40,000 €, U.S. $45,000) were raised.

Many, many thanks to all donors. Without you, this goal would have never been achieved.

Frankfurt, May 2013

Version 2.0 of EcmSpy has been released lately. The most obvious changes were applied to the user interface, which as beeen slightly reorganized for better overall handling. Some new tables and adjustments have been added, and many algorithms for O2 sensor and EGO correction analysis have been revised. Large parts of the software have been reworked for better maintainability.

The real highlight since the release of the previous version however has been the increase in donations, as to-date more than 16,000 £ (19,000 €, U.S. $24,000) have been donated to the Papworth Hospital Charity from EcmSpy users, with an additional amount of 2,500 £ (3,000 €, U.S. $3,800) donated to the Bärenherz Foundation. Thanks to these generous donors, the amount raised by the UKBEG Emma Radford Memorial has been doubled since September 2010!

I'd like to express my appreciation and deep gratitude to all donors and supporters of the EcmSpy project.

Frankfurt, December 2011

More than a year has passed again, and I'm happy to anounce the availability of the next release, EcmSpy version 1.1, who is made available now. Several new features have been added, namely better means to diagnose O2 sensor and fuelling errors, also making adjustments better and easier.

The contributions towards Papworth Hospital are very pleasant too. Thanks to the many generous users, who decided to activate their copy, more than 5000 £ (6000 &euro, U.S. $7700) were raised. Many German users decided to donate to Stiftung Bärenherz (a hospice for deadly ill children), which received over 2000 € (1700 £, U.S. $2600).

Sincere thanks are given to all who contributed to this exciting results.

Frankfurt, September 2010

Thanks to EcmSpy users, who decided to activate their demo copy and donate to the Papworth Hospital, the total amount of donations done through the UKBEG fundraising activities passed the 15,000 £ (U.S. $24,000) barrier. In less than 3 month more than 800 £ (app. 1000 €, U.S. $1250) had been raised by EcmSpy license fees.

This achievement is very exciting and I want to thank all donors for their contribution!

Frankfurt, July 2010

In October 2009, the Harley-Davidson management decided to cease selling Buell motorcycles and withdraw the Buell brand from the market. Probably the number of authorized workshops, capable and willing to service Buell motorbikes, will drop fast. Therefore EcmSpy will be one of the very few tools left for the remaining Buell riders to service and tune their motorbikes.

Because of that and of high demands having a tool available for DDFI-3 equiped Buells (shipped from 2008 and later), I decided to extend the capabilites of the previous version and also start a new code branch, by rewriting the application. The last year was therefore not only affected by the relaunch of this site, but also and primarily by working with the most recent ECM types to get the necessary informations for building the all new EcmSpy software.

I'm also pleased to announce that this project also led to efforts from other developers and enthusiasts - one of the key intentions when setting up all of this. Mark Mansur's TunerPro application is now capable of reading and showing live data directly read from the ECM, and more exciting features might follow in future.

As already done in the previous years, I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to all supporters of the EcmSpy project.

Frankfurt, June 2009

After almost four years of various activities, the developers decided to terminate the ECMSpy project. Various reasons led to this decision, including the increasing drain on the developers' time. Exploring the ECM and learning how it works has been lots of fun, very informative and allowed us to better understand how it works, where some of the commonly known flaws lie and how to cure them.

It's my heart's desire to thank all contributors, translators, information-diggers for their much appreciated help. Without your support this project would not have been possible.

Frankfurt, July 2007

This month, the website went online. The idea for this project has been developing for some time. I was alerted through a posting in the german XBORG forum in 2005, where a programmable ECU for the Buell was announced. As suspected, this turned out to be some expensive software to modify the Buell's ECM, which also never appeard to be available.

At the beginning of 2005 I had bought my Buell and was not fully convinced by it's performance. At that time my goal was to get enough information from the ECM to sufficiently supply all required data to a fully configurable MegaSquirt-EFI, to gain control over the fuel injection system and replace the stock DDFI ECM with a MegaSquirt ECU. To achive runtime data from the ECM I built my own "Buell Simulator", just in the style of the "MegaStim", which simulated the various signals, required for running the ECM disassembled from a motorbike.

But timing injector signals from the working ECM was very difficult and time consuming, so I mulled over a way to directly communicate with the ECM, like Harley's Digital Technician software would do, as this would vastly speed up development. To my excitement and surprise it turned out, that a simple serial connection was used to exchange data between a PC and the ECM.

The next step was to decode the contents of data sent from the ECM. Now my experience with fuel injection controllers and their software and building the Buell simulator paid off, because within a few weeks most of the runtime data (temperature data, engine speed, injector pulsewidth ...) had been discovered.

After some time I became aware, that such a project would be too large to be run on my own, so I started enquiring in the german XBORG forum to recruit some helpers and to check demand for this kind of software. Since then approximately half a year passed by, the EcmSpy team grew to six members and software for both a PC and a Palm PDA is available for download.

Lots of thanks to all developers and supporters, who worked on their parts with a great amount of devotion and dedication. As always, some important work takes place hidden in the background, as some web space had to be obtained and the domain had to be registered. Werner, the admin of the XBORG forum, provided us with all that and therefore I want to thank him sincerely. Many people put efforts into the development and improvement of our tool and I would like to express my deep gratitude. I wish and hope that all our work and the EcmSpy project will be helpful for all it's users, be it to enhance their Buell's everyday use, tune it for the race track or simply satisfy their curiosity.