"My Maps" @ EcmSpy.com

The ecmspy.com website offers a helpfull feature, called "My Maps", which allows users to upload map files, sorted by adjustment runs and versions. This area is open to all users who activated their copy of EcmSpy.

The idea was to provide an easy way to save different map files, for comparison and documentation purposes. This feature also complies with the recommended procedure as described in the Tuning Guide, version 2.

Optionally, dynamic maps of the average EGO correction or wideband O2 sensor results will be shown too, if available in the map file. The possibility to compare two map versions online makes it easy to find differences between maps whithout the need to copy map data into other tools like spreadsheet applications or similar.

"My Maps" manages all data as tuning activities ("adjustment run"), consisting of multiple map versions. Each version can be commented (which is only the current date by default) and is linked to a map file, which can also be downloaded again.

Adjustment Runs

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After logging in into "My Maps" all existing adjustment runs will be listed. To open a specific run, mark it and click the "Open" button. Adjustment runs can be added and deleted, too. Once an adjustment run has been opened, all map versions related to this run are shown in a list.


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The first version is usually the stock mapping, the last version the final map and all versions in between document the tuning process. EEPROM adjustments, that are not stored in a map, can be described in an text area. All adjustments to the EEPROM data should be written down here, to keep records of the tuning process, it is also a good idea to record environmental effects (e.g. air pressure) here that have an impact on tuning.

The detail view of a map version shows all maps, that are available in the uploaded map file. Map files can be deleted and uploaded again, if e.g. dynamic maps were not available when a map version was added to an adjustment run and will be updated later.

Map Details

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In addition to the map details a map comparison is available also. This is a fast and helpful way to compare two different versions of the same adjustment run, to get an impression of fuel changes and their impacts on EGO correction or wideband lambda values.

Map Comparison

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