BUEYD – "Fuel and Spark Skip Configuation"

Offset621 (0x026d)
Size1 Byte


Fuel and Spark Skip Configuation


0Cut fuel and spark for fixed limit
1Cut fuel and spark for timed limit
2Cut fuel and spark for temperature limit
3Stop engine until key-off when BAS is activated (BUE3D)
4Enable vehicle speed limits (BUE2D, BUE3D)
5Enable pit lane speed/RPM limits (BUE2D, BUE3D)
6Enable RPM limits with transmission in neutral (BUE2D, BUE3D)
7Enable RPM limits with clutch disengaged (BUE2D, BUE3D)

For variables that have a scaling factor and/or a translational offset given, use this formula to calculate the output value:
output_value = (EEPROM_value * scale) + translate

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