BUEWD – "Acceleration Enrichment"

Offset78 (0x004e)
Size8 Bytes
Element Size1 Byte
Data Scale1.000000
Data Translate0.000000
Data UnitsPercent
Axis Scale50.000000
Axis Translate0.000000
Axis UnitsRPM


Acceleration enrichment

The acceleration enrichment against engine speed. The acceleration enrichment is multiplied by the fuel value and added to the fuel pulsewidth. The interpolated value from this table is corrected for engine tempererature by looking up a correction from the Acceleration Enrichment Temperature Adjustment table. In a light acceleration condition (as defined by the Light Acceleration Condition value) a percentage of the interpolated and temperature corrected value is used based on the throttle change. In a full acceleration condition (as defined by the Full Acceleration Condition value) the full amount (100%) of the interpolated and temperature corrected value is added. If the Full Acceleration Conditionvalue is less than 128, then this amount of fuel is injected simultaneously by both injectors. If the the value is greater or equal to 128, then full acceleration is disabled and the light acceleration will take place only. This is a self-contained table, alternating between the axis value in the even and the data value in the odd positions.

For variables that have a scaling factor and/or a translational offset given, use this formula to calculate the output value:
output_value = (EEPROM_value * scale) + translate

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