BUE2D – "Idle Spark Advance Table Front"

Offset648 (0x0288)
Size12 Bytes
Element Size1 Byte
Data Scale0.250000
Data Translate0.000000
Data UnitsDegrees
Axis Scale1.000000
Axis Translate-40.000000
Axis UnitsDegrees C


Idle Spark Advance for the Front Cylinder

The front cylinder's spark advance (data) against engine temperature (axis) in idle condition (implemented in BUE2D, BUE3D only). The interpolated value can be used instead of the Timing Table, depending on the settings of the Spark Advance Configuration byte. This is a self-contained table, alternating between the axis value in the even and the data value in the odd positions.

For variables that have a scaling factor and/or a translational offset given, use this formula to calculate the output value:
output_value = (EEPROM_value * scale) + translate

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