BUEKA – "Idle Spark Advance Table"

Offset350 (0x015e)
Size8 Bytes
Element Size1 Byte
Data Scale0.250000
Data Translate0.000000
Data UnitsDegrees
Axis Scale1.000000
Axis Translate-40.000000
Axis UnitsDegrees C


Idle Spark Advance

The spark advance (data) against engine temperature (axis) in idle condition. For DDFI-2 and early DDFI-3 (BUEOD ... BUEZD): The interpolated value is added to the value of the timing table. For later DDFI-3: The interpolated value can be used instead of the Timing Table, depending on the settings of the Spark Advance Configuration byte. This is a self-contained table, alternating between the axis value in the even and the data value in the odd positions.

For variables that have a scaling factor and/or a translational offset given, use this formula to calculate the output value:
output_value = (EEPROM_value * scale) + translate

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