Database Activation

Activating a database is required for getting a fully functional version of EcmSpy.

Please fill in the form below and submit your data. After the activation form has been submitted, all data will be checked and stored for further processing. You must get an activation document by downloading a PDF file. The activation document contains a reference number (called Activation ID), which you will need to download the database file.

Please note: you will need the "Activation ID" for downloading the database software installer.

Processing of the donation is done by a fundraising site for international donors. Names and links are provided in the table below, in case you want to inform yourself before donating.

For a fully functional version of EcmSpy the following conditions apply:

  • the database files are mandatory to get a working application and must have been installed
  • the application must have been installed before the database installer is run
  • the database files will be readable only on that computer, where the public key file was generated.
  • the public key is bound to that computer where it had been generated. Database files won't work when transferred to another computer, even if the public key is transferred too.

Generating the key file

Please start the EcmSpy application. Then click the "Info" button Info in the menu bar, and a window will open that shows the application version,and a short overview of the licence agreement:

After a mouse click on the "Save Public Key" button, the public key is written into a file, whose name is shown in the following message:

By default the key file is named "public_key.txt" and will usually be found in "My Documents\ecmspy". Whith different Windows versions it might be required to switch off User Account Control to make this file visible to non-adminstrators ("standard users"). This is usually no more required for Windows 7 and later. The Windows search utility will commonly find the key file quite fast.

The application is covered by the same License Agreement you already agreed to before downloading the demo application.


Once the database has been activated and uploaded, it will be available in the "Downloads" section. Activation may need up to one day, but is usually done within one hour. Please check the download area for changes regularly.

Licence Fees

The developers and contributers decided not to charge for their work, but you are expected to pay a licence fee for using this software by donating to a good cause. Please support the developers by donating your licence fee.

The amount of your donation depends on the number of ECM types you want supported by the EcmSpy software. The licence is bound to one computer and not transferable. Commercial use of EcmSpy - in whatever way, regardless if application or data - is not permitted.

No. of
ECM Types
Licence Fee
(Pound Sterling)
1 50.00 £ (67.50 US-$, 56.50 €)
2 100.00 £ (135.00 US-$, 113.00 €)
3 150.00 £ (202.50 US-$, 169.50 €)
4 200.00 £ (270.00 US-$, 226.00 €)
5 250.00 £ (337.50 US-$, 282.50 €)
6 300.00 £ (405.00 US-$, 339.00 €)
7 350.00 £ (472.50 US-$, 395.50 €)
8 400.00 £ (540.00 US-$, 452.00 €)
9 450.00 £ (607.50 US-$, 508.50 €)
10 500.00 £ (675.00 US-$, 565.00 €)
11 550.00 £ (742.50 US-$, 621.50 €)
12 600.00 £ (810.00 US-$, 678.00 €)
13 650.00 £ (877.50 US-$, 734.50 €)
Fundraiser JustGiving
Charity Together for Short Lives

Activation Form

Note: Read the Licence Agreement carefully. If you do not agree with it, then don't activate!

Fill in all mandatory fields (indicated by *), select your public key file and ECM type(s) and click on the "Submit" button below.

Keyfile: *
Please note: it's not possible to change the ECM type supported in your EcmSpy version, once your activation request has been submitted. For this reason take great care to choose the same ECM type as installed in your bike.
ECM Types: Please check those ECM types you want to be activated in your software *
BUEGCDDFI, Tubeframes, 1999 - 2002
BUEIADDFI, Tubeframes, 1999 - 2002
BUEKA/BUEJADDFI, Tubeframes, 1999 - 2002
BUECBDDFI-2, XB9, 2003
BUEIB/B2RIB/BUEICDDFI-2, XB, 2005 - 2007 (Street/Factory Race/Japan)
BUEODDDFI-3, XB, 2008 and later
BUEWDDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later
BUEYDDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later
BUEZDDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later
BUE1D/B3R1DDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later (Street/EBR Race)
BUE2D/B3R2DDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later (Street/EBR Race)
BUE3D/B3R3DDDFI-3, XB & 1125, 2008 and later (Street/EBR Race)
Your Donation:  £ (Pound Sterling)