EcmSpy Database Activation

The Activation ID

With the new data protection regulations the activation process for EcmSpy databases has changed. No registered e-mail or password will be required to download the setup program for installing the activated databases. An activation ID will instead be used to find the right file, fitting your ECM and public key.

Once you submitted the activation form, your request will be stored and a short confirmation page will be shown:


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At the bottom of this page a download link to your activation document (a PDF file) is shown. You must download and save this document. It contains the activation ID, which is the only way to get your activated databases. The contents of the activation document looks like this:


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Please store your activation document in a safe place. Once the activation ID is lost, there will be no way to retrieve the database installer, and you will have to activate again.

Previous Activations

Those who activated their copy of EcmSpy using a registered e-mail address, can identify the activation ID from two sources: first, the database installer file name contains the activation id, e.g. if the installer file is named "1234567890-007-Database-Setup.exe", the activation id would be "1234567890-007". A second way to find out is from the activation mail, you received after submitting your request, and the activation ID is shown in the subject there:


The numbers shown in parentheses are the activation ID. Use these numbers to retrieve your database installer from the "Downloads" page.